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The Cancun Story

Playground of Ancient Civilizations...Yours to Enjoy Today

Warm white sand beaches, crystal indigo seas, romantic Caribbean nights, world-class hotels, restaurants and nightlife; does all of this sound too good to be true? This is Cancun! World-renowned fishing, diving and snorkeling, archeological sites dating back thousands of years, a balmy tropical climate and water sports galore…this is Cancun! A very complete resort where you could keep busy 24 hours a day just participating in the many activities and tours available, and yet Cancun remains a tranquil retreat where you can relax to your hearts content along the peaceful shore of the Caribbean …this is the real purpose of Cancun!

In Cancun you can literally choose a pace and lifestyle to suit any frame of mind, from ultra chic to funky laidback beach bum. Cancun is a resort for everybody, from those on a strict budget to the rich and famous from all over the world. Cancun caters to all who visit and everyone should experience Cancun at least once.

Cancun is definitely Mexico’s showcase resort. The original developers and the Mexican government can be proud of what they have accomplished here. Built in a location that was named by Mayan people, long ago, for the large number of snakes in the area, Cancun has been carefully groomed into one of the most polished resorts anywhere. Long gone are the snakes and most of the mosquitoes that might have enjoyed the numerous lagoons. Few resorts in the world have the infrastructure and amenities that were built into Cancun from the beginning. Everything just seems to flow together effortlessly in Cancun. This is one of the reasons that Cancun is Mexico's most popular resort, the other reason being... Location, Location, Location.



The beaches are probably one of the main reasons for your visit. Cancun’s beaches are legendary and with good cause. The powdery, incredibly white sand, of the Caribbean blesses all of the beaches in Cancun. These beaches seem to go on forever and each one is a beach lover’s fantasy come true. The Caribbean Sea is unusually warm with incredibly blue water and at most times is very calm. Look down any beach, at almost any time, and you will see people enjoying the calming effects that seem to instantly relieve the tensions of everyday life.

The beaches are one of Cancun’s most famous attractions, and everyone seems to enjoy the endless activities that abound on almost every beach. Volleyball, parasailing, snorkeling, wave-runners or just a relaxing day in a hammock, it is you’re choice and all easily available all along the many miles of incredible beaches. Because of the International flavor of Cancun’s visitors, you will hear many different languages spoken on the beaches of Cancun, more often perhaps, than at any other beach resort in the world. People watching is a major sport here also, enjoy it, never abuse it.

Looking at an aerial view of Cancun could trick the unknowing into thinking that it would be next to impossible to find a beach without crowds. Due to the many miles of beaches in Cancun it is relatively easy to find a stretch of beach to enjoy without a lot of interruptions. The entrances and parking areas for most of the beaches along Kukulacán Blvd are very well marked. You may want to just kick back on the beach in front of your hotel, but try exploring some of the other nearby beaches. Buses run along the island every few minutes and for an investment of just a few pesos you might just find the beach of your dreams.

If you have an insatiable craving for real seclusion, rent a car, a short drive to the west toward Playa del Carmen offers numerous secluded beaches or coves with little chance of finding a crowd. Most of these beaches, many of which are unnamed, are just a short drive off of the main highway. Almost any dirt road heading toward the Caribbean will eventually take you to a beach. Be careful of bad road conditions during (but not limited to) the rainy season.


The Tourist Zone

The “Zona Hotelera” or Tourist Zone, a narrow island 14 miles long, is the area of Cancun where it all comes together for most visitors. Hotels and beachfront condominiums line the beaches and serve as the nearly uninterrupted backdrop along this stretch of incredible Caribbean coastline. Kukulcán Blvd is the main thoroughfare that dissects the island and is a name that you will become familiar with in your travels around Cancun. On the inland side of Cancun Island is Laguna Nichupté, a vast lagoon that serves as home to numerous marinas, water front restaurants, shopping malls, a couple of golf courses, a few islands and inlets and some fantastic sunsets . Laguna Nichupté is fed by fresh underground water and is connected to the sea in two places which in turn provide an outlet for numerous water related activities and tours. In Cancun one is never very far from the water so naturally much of your time is going to be spent in, on, or very close to the water. There is an area near the center of all this which is known as the “Party Zone” which is home to many of the areas nightclubs and discos. The very same area is also home to some of Cancun’s better restaurants and one of the nicer shopping malls.

Restaurants and nightclubs in the tourist zone, of which there are many, come in endless varieties with something that is just right for everyone. From trendy "Brand Name" night clubs to simple taco stands, do a little hands on research and you're sure to find a favorite that will beckon you to return.

The tourist zone has some minor archeological sites, the best example of which is Ruinas El Rey located on Kukulacán Blvd at Km. 17 across from the Hilton Cancun Beach & Golf Resort. A visit to El Rey is well worth the modest entry fee. The ruins are well preserved and the sheer number of resident Iguanas make for a pleasant diversion. Bilingual tour guides are available for the more inquisitive types. There are other very minor ruins along the beach, well marked on most maps.

Cancun is a destination of different faces. The most famous, a face recognized by much of the world, is the above-mentioned tourist zone.


Cancun City

But Cancun has a population of over 450,000 and there is another Cancun, a lesser-known face to many. This is the heartbeat of the entire area; this is Cancun City or simply Centro. This is an area that is not heavily promoted, but should definitely be included as part of your Cancun vacation if you are spending more than just a long weekend. When the beach and hotel scene get to be a bit overwhelming take a short drive and see where the locals live and spend much of their time.

“Centro” is a pleasant city with some great restaurants, modern shopping facilities and is a semi-peaceful diversion to all of glitz and hype that surrounds the tourist zone. Your wallet will appreciate your visit to Centro, as the money contained therein will certainly go farther, as prices for almost everything are more reasonable in the city.

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Cancun - Playa del Carmen Timeshare Rentals

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