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Cancun...The Beaches!

The average temperature in Cancún is 27° C (80° F) with more than 300 days of sunshine, and rain is rare, with late August through early October being the so called rainy season. The beaches are almost 100 percent limestone; the porous quality of the limestone makes for cool sand even under the intense tropical sun.

Cancún is divided into two parts: The narrow 23-kilometer-long (14-mile) island section (Cancún Island) is lined with modern beachfront hotels surrounded by the Bahía de Mujeres (Bay of Women), the Caribbean Sea, and the Nichupte and Bojorquez lagoons. The mainland downtown commercial section (Cancún City), connected to the island by two bridges, has broad avenues lined with whitewashed shops, restaurants, and hotels.

The Cancun coast includes both an "ocean side" and a "lagoon side". By far the majority of the hotels front onto the ocean. There isn't any beach to speak of on the lagoon side. Swimming and tanning takes place on the ocean side, and jet-skis, kayaks, and other rentals are featured on the lagoon side.

General beach conditions here are the same as northern beaches. The sand is powder and kept clean of ocean debris. Unlike the northern tip which is somewhat sheltered by Isla Mujeres this strip of coast-line is protected by nothing. This means that the winds and currents come roaring up and produce wavy conditions some of the time. If you like playing in waves then these are the beaches for you.

Cancun beaches have white powder sand. This creates a hard surface and is easy to walk on. Powder sand is not as hot as course sand and is easier to walk on.

The ocean water temperature reaches its highest point in late August early September. Then some days it can be like swimming in a warm bathtub. Even during the coolest times of the year the water is warm and fine to swim in. It is always hot outside!

Most Cancun beaches have lifeguards. Around the main beaches in Playa del Carmen and Akumal there are also lifeguards on duty and warning flags posted. Resorts have lifeguards who double as dive instructor's etc.

Beaches in Cancun and around Playa del Carmen are also patrolled by the Mexican Navy who walk up and down the beaches in their uniforms. How these guys handle the heat we will never know. We assume as soon as they get out of visual range they jump in the water to cool off!

The local police also patrol the beaches driving up and down on 4-wheelers. All the beaches are very safe and family friendly.

The Northern beaches in Cancun are the most swim friendly. The ocean waves and winds are buffered by the small island of Isla Mujeres which lies off the coast.

Cancun and the Maya Riviera are international destinations and there are many fashion conscious Europeans. You will see the latest trends in beach-wear on the beaches and there are also countless stores to purchase cool stuff.

It is interesting because you can tell where people are from by what they wear on the beach. Canadian and American men wear shorts, sunglasses and hats while Europeans wear speedos, jewelry and sunglasses. The Mexican men ware shorts, usually no hats or sunglasses.

European women have the most awesome bathing suits, especially the Italian women.

There is of course a "beach culture". It is made up of a cross section of tourists on that one vacation a year trip, party animals who can't get enough, locals, and a small group of beach- bums who fly in from all points of the globe. Many earn their living by performing some unusual but entertaining feat. Many are bilingual and find jobs as well. They are a colourful crowd and can be found from Playa del Carmen to San Cristobal in Chiapas.

The beaches in Mexico along Cancun and the Maya Riviera remain very family orientated and walking the beach is a great pastime, lots of sights and great sand.

The greatest concentration of beach-subculture can be found in Tulum - Playa del Carmen. To find it in Playa del Carmen walk along the beach at night and look for the bongo-players or fire jugglers.

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Cancun - Playa del Carmen Timeshare Rentals

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